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My wishes

I was a happy user of CacheSense for last years. Now I'm trying to use Geooh, but I still miss some things.

1. Landscape mode for live map. Most popular in-car phone holders support only lanscape position. That's required for the people, who traveling long distances from cache to cache, using car (like me).

2. Hint button should be accessible in compass mode. I don't want to walk through the menus again, if I forgot hint. The same for the "Post a log" button. I like to log cache quickly, especially on the trail.

Thank you, your product looks promising.

Re: My wishes
Reply #1
Thanks for the feedback and welcome to Geooh.

1) Landscape mode is on a future feature list. In the meantime, when navigating to a cache via Google Maps (or other) you can use its landscape mode which is most likely when the phone would be in a holder.

2) There is a Settings option to briefly show the hint when touching the cache icon on the map. This is even faster than touching a button after selecting a cache. For posting a log there are a couple of quick tricks: a) long-press the map bubble which will automatically go to the Post a Log task instead of presenting a popup menu; and b) if you have a fingerprint scanner on your phone, configure it in Geooh settings to quickly show the Post a Log task also when in the map.

Let me know if you need more assistance or have additional improvement ideas!