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Auto Zoom in Livemap
Hi everyone!

One wish of mine is autozoom in livemap view.

I mean, that when I drive with my car and Geooh is in livemap view, that the map will automatically zoom out and in, depending on the speed I drive.

When I drive faster, map will zoom out to an overview and when I nearly stay it zoom in.

Zoom will depend on the driving speed.

Maybe this could be a nice option in a future version of Geooh live.

Hope you understand what I mean. Zooming like a navigation app.


Re: Auto Zoom in Livemap
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Interesting... thanks for the idea. Will add it to a enhancement list.

In the meantime, did you know you can achieve something similar when showing the route to a cache? Press the distance button at the top of the map to show the blue route line and ETA to the selected cache. It will zoom in to fit both your location and the cache location. Then as you drive, Geooh will periodically recalculate the route and re-zoom to fit both again. So as you get closer to the cache the map will automatically zoom in... and if you drive further away from the cache it will zoom out.

Re: Auto Zoom in Livemap
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Nice! Will try it on my next trip.

But my idea is better for random driving and caching.

Thank you for adding this to list.