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app seems to hang
this only seems to happen when i'm using the app with my cell data.  for instance, if i call up a cache page and leave it on the screen and then turn the phone off, when i turn the phone back on, that page is still there but all the buttons and actions seem unresponsive for about 4-7 seconds. then everything seems ok.  in fact, after turning the phone on in such a situation, i will routinely count to ten before trying anything. doesn't seem to happen with wifi, so i'm willing to concede it might be my phone (quad core android 5 with very few apps on it) or my crappy canadian data plan. regardless, i thought i'd mention it here. it's certainly not a deal breaker and i can live with the count-to-10 routine.

Re: app seems to hang
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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, there have been issues with that... Geooh has been making network calls to update things when the map resumes. So if the signal is weak, it would delay the map responsiveness. The next 8.7 version reduces some of the calls and tries to put necessary ones in the background to speed up the display.

Expect the new release before the end of the week. If it still hangs when opening the map using 8.7, please let me know so it can be looked into some more. You can usually tell when a network call is being made because the progress indicator line at the top of the screen is moving left to right (although even that slows down at times).