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setting @install as default
after using geooh for some time now, i've come to the realization that i can't get used to the extra dialog box asking which list to install a cache into. in other words, when a cache notification comes in and i click on it in my email, i invariably look away to do something else in that instant (get my shoes, get the car keys, grab some water, you know). then i pick up the phone expecting to see the cache but instead there's that dialog box asking me which list to install into....arrrrrrgh. while i like the notion of this, in reality i always just click the @install .  i wish there was a way to select @install as the default thus obviating the need for this dialog box.

Re: setting @install as default
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I fully understand... happens to me too. It was originally designed to allow flexibility, but maybe that gets in the way. Plus with new features to move caches around it may be as easy to default to @Install so later caches in the list can be moved elsewhere.

Let me work on it for the soon to be released 8.7 version.