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manually adding waypoint difficulty
When trying to add a waypoint by typing in the coordinates they disappear after making a note.
Sorry English is not my native language.
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Re: manually adding waypoint difficulty
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Thanks for the feedback. I've seen that at times... it's some internal issue with Android. Sometimes a text field will disappear, but the value in it is still there just hidden.

Can you confirm that after creating the waypoint the note still exists even though it looked like it was gone?

Re: manually adding waypoint difficulty
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No, when I fill out the Note field the Waypoint disappears and there's no mark on the map. Instead there's a message stating that the field is empty (or something like that) .

To be clear: I whipe the standard vallue and type in a coordinate so: N51 53.689 E005 51.899 so without ° marks.

If I alter the standard value and keep the ° mark there's no problem, so it's not that important but it woud be more intuitieve in my opinion if I could gine in my own coordinates and then had to only fill out figures and no special characters like °.

Re: manually adding waypoint difficulty
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I'll check into it and see if I can replicate it. You shouldn't have to enter the degrees symbol.

Did you know you can long-press the field and enter values with scrollable wheels? That may make it even easier.