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not sure why geooh needs access to my contacts now.

feels odd.

Re: contacts
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That is completely understandable.

It's a new permission to allow you to phone a friend. When you are viewing a log that was written by a friend you have in your Geooh's friend list, the popup menu of available tasks will show a "Phone Friend" option. If the friend's geo-name is stored as a nickname in your contacts, Geooh can open the phone dialer directly for you.

This is suppose to be a feature, but it can look odd. Geooh uses Android's latest permission model which means you don't have to allow the app to access contacts. Everything will still function, but if you try to click the "Phone Friend" action, the app will ask for permission first. And if you do grant access to contacts, you can always later go back to Android settings to disable the permission.

If I get too many concerns about the "feature", I'll either remove it completely or add some additional dialogs to explain why it's there. But unless you try to phone a friend, the permission prompt will never show and access is not allowed. Rest assured Geooh doesn't access your contacts list unless you try to phone and in that situation no information other than a phone number is read.

Coincidentally, it's a feature that Cachly users have asked for, but it's on Geooh first. Let your iPhone friends know that.  :D

Does that help?

Re: contacts
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after granting permission and reading up on the new features, it became apparent this had to do with the friends feature.  it feels a little beyond what i want out of geooh live but i can see how other people might crave stuff like that. i'm using android version 5.0 so i don't think selective permissions are an option for me. it's sort of accept all permissions or don't install the software - kind of a silly model but at least they've changed it in current android versions. unfortunately, this phone can't be upgraded beyond it's current android version. thanks for following up!

Re: contacts
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Yeah, the new permission model started with Android 6. The Phone Friend is one of those features some would like, but others may feel concerned about allowing contacts access. I was hoping the migration to 6+ would have occurred quicker to offset any worries, but that's the downside of Android when phone providers don't keep up with the latest.

Thanks for pointing out a potential conflict.