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Support / Re: bug in stats behind smiley
Last post by Geooh Support -
Did some investigation and yes, the start time was set to 1:00 am which would have excluded those 2 finds. This is being corrected. Again, thanks for reporting the issue!
Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Last post by Geooh Support -
Will see if I can implement something like this. Thanks for the idea and example.
Support / Re: bug in stats behind smiley
Last post by Geooh Support -
Interesting. I'm sure it's related to timezone and how the request and response to HQ servers is sent. Will look into it.

Thanks for reporting this!
Support / bug in stats behind smiley
Last post by vvnja -
I were out geocaching last weekend and found caches on both saturday and sunday and in total i found 19 caches (see 2-3feb.png)

BUT if I choose to look at the statistics for the days separately (2feb.png and 3feb.png) it will tell me that i have only found 17 caches, two founds has disappeared from the 3:rd of February!

Those two missing is caches that i logged between 0:00 and 1:00 in the middle of the nigth.

I guess this bug is easy to fix
Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Last post by ecanderson -
As an example of the 'time jumble' that is currently created for older caches with numeric starting characters, this sequence can easily occur in a list:

GC1B7   <<< NOTE old cache mixed in due to pure alpha sort

While one could argue either way as to whether GC1B7 is even correctly sorted where it occurs due to character count (it's too literal for our purposes here), it's most probably not where it will be preferred in a reverse sort order.
Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Last post by ecanderson -
Not sure that it really needs to be configurable. 

The current Geooh search GC button list sort is a pure alphanumeric sort, which may not be what a user really hopes to see.

Usually, a reverse (most recent at top) GC code sort would be intended by the user as a form of date sort in an attempt to display the most recent caches at the top, and not thinking about the old 4 or less character caches, might reasonably expect the reverse GC code sort to accomplish that.  However, since many of the oldest caches start with alpha characters after the 'GC', they will instead float to the top above the most recent ones in a reverse alphanumeric sort, while the oldest 4 or less character that start with numerics might appear anywhere depending upon whether they start with a given number.

So my recommendation would be to modify the sort such that all GC codes of 4 or characters are sorted as lesser than all of the 5 character codes to keep the oldest at the bottom (or top, if not using a reverse sort) of the search list to keep them in 'date' order instead of pure alphanumeric order.  That would more likely serve the intentions of these kinds of sorts far more often than not.
Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Last post by Geooh Support -
If desired, there could be another displayable/sortable "column" for place date. Maybe a Settings option?
Requests / True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Last post by ecanderson -
It is a minor thing, but when sorting search lists with most recent caches on top (using the "GC Code" button for the sort), any of the really old caches that might exist in the list (e.g., GCYYV4 or GCG2A8) alpha sort to the top instead of to the bottom. 

Support / Re: Compass
Last post by ecanderson -
To the OP:
Something I have found on all of my recent vintage Samsung phones is that out of box, the compass calibration is positively horrible.  Each phone manufacturer that includes a magnetic compass feature has its own method for compass calibration, so you may need to research this for your particular phone.  The other issue I seem to have with the Samsung phones is that the calibration must be performed fairly frequently to keep it aiming the right direction.  I have looked, but cannot find information on the net about why this is the case, but it is a bit annoying. 

Further to this, Geooh has a configurable feature that allows for using the compass only when you are moving slowly or stopped, and switching to GPS direction tracking when you are moving fast enough for the device to use that method to determine your direction of travel.  Many recent purpose built handheld GPS units do the same.  If you're on the move, you may find that this gives you a somewhat more accurate reading.  It's in the Geooh Settings section under "Navigating".  The author has chosen to make the split at 3mph, which is also pretty typical for handhelds, but is a pretty good clip when you are walking.  But at lower speeds than that, the GPS track would become too erratic to use for direction.

Support / Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
Last post by Geooh Support -
Yeah, without the routing enabled it is just informational... no way you could have known. When enabled there will be a Tip that reveals there is a button there for routing.