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Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Last post by stigvi -
I found your comment about Geooh live not made for large offline list interesting. I was wondering how rare 4000 caches in a list was and decided to ask in a Norwegian geocaching forum.

51 persons answered that they only use live functionality and never store caches for offline use
3 persons used lists with 2000 caches
9 persons used lists with 5000 caches
9 persons used lists with 10000 caches

That's a 5/2 ratio between live usage and large list usage.
Requests / Re: ignore list flag
Last post by searcher -
aw nuts. GS touts the ignore list but it really screws up some stuff from time to time. it was nice to turn it off and on. sigh
Requests / Re: ignore list flag
Last post by Geooh Support -
Actually, the new API doesn't even have that option any more and will always exclude caches in the ignore list for every search. That "feature" (or removal) will be part of the new Geooh soon to be released.
Requests / ignore list flag
Last post by searcher -
you need to copy this parameter from the search screen into the settings section for the live screen.

that is all.


Requests / Re: Toggle required log text for trackable
Last post by Geooh Support -
Sorry, but Groundspeak's API requires text in the log before it will accept it.
Requests / Toggle required log text for trackable
Last post by gnies -
I have a trackable that I visit for each cache I find. Would it be possible to not have to enter log text?
Support / Re: data network issues
Last post by Geooh Support -
There is some quirk with Google Play Services that drops the connection at times. Although it is suppose to automatically reconnect, I've found it doesn't. I keep trying to tweak things to force a reconnect, but still now sure if that works. It appears to be a recent Android change since the same code was working before. I'll keep trying.
Support / data network issues
Last post by searcher -
geooh live v9.1.4
android 5.0
dual sim, data on one, phone and text on the other
configuration worked no problem in past

i noticed some problems lately which may or may not have coincided with the latest google play services update.

first off, everything works properly on wifi.

however, on data geooh unexpectedly stops working. if i refresh logs in the Logs screen, it will say
Warning The network is not available
and if i attempt to refresh the cache listing it will say
Error The network is not available
in the live view i'll get the same thing if i select a cache

once it enters that state, it doesn't recover.

i thought it was my network but switching immediately to my email app shows it's working and the geocaching app continues to work (oh god that thing is badly designed). switching back to geooh and the same problem continues

i have noticed that quitting geooh live and then restarting it makes it go again but soon after it enters that error state and no more network activity is possible.

i was about to delete and reinstall geooh live but i thought i'd hold off in case there's something else you want me to try first.

Support / Re: not your problem
Last post by Geooh Support -
Android usually puts something in the notification bar when an update is occurring.
Support / not your problem
Last post by searcher -
was trying something in geooh. live just wouldn't run. it would hang and no map would show. no matter what i tried. even reinstalled the previous version of geooh in case i'd not noticed a bug before. but same thing happened. starting to pull my hair out. then tried the gc app and no maps there either. what?. then i look at a cache in the gc app and instead of the preview map i see "Google Play services are updating".


this has happened before but forgot about it. on this phone, nothing updates by itself EXCEPT that (which i can't stop)

is there any way to tell when it's done?

vent ends.

ps, again, not your problem - thanks for listening