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Support / Overlays on offline maps
Last post by Raptor909 -
Hi, I'm a new user so forgive me if this is a known issue.  I have a .kml file of trails for a local park.  When using the default google maps the overlay loads and displays properly showing the trails overlaid on the map.  If I switch to an offline mapsforge map, I see the kml overlay briefly on the screen then the offline map gets displayed on top of the overly.  If I change scale or force a redraw I see the same - overlay is drawn then map on top. The overlay is there it's just hidden by the map.  I prefer the offline maps because I turn off data mode on the phone when out hiking.

I do use google maps for navigating some times and I've created a smallish offline google map area which gets saved to my phone.  It appears that Geooh has access to that data when I'm hiking with data mode turned off.  That's really nice!

I'm still learning the features and how to best use this program.  I'm looking forward to the new paid version.
Support / Re: data network issues
Last post by Geooh Support -
I haven't gotten any reports
Support / Re: data network issues
Last post by searcher -
but 9.1.4 worked before the last google play services update...and it worked well...on 3G...and even on edge which happens from time to time in southern ontario...never had those errors until that last google play services update...and there's not been a problem with GPS, just the data network connectivity

am i the only one having a problem with this lately?
Support / Re: data network issues
Last post by Geooh Support -
Unlike the official app Geooh tries to insure there is a strong data connection so anything 3G or below is treated as network not available... but the official still uses it. Due to the data transfer with the API using the slower speeds caused issues with timeouts, so I thought it best to stick with the higher speeds.

The new version of Geooh to be released next month fixes issues of losing the GPS connection you've encountered, but the lower speed network connections will still be an issue.
Support / Re: data network issues
Last post by searcher -
just keeping this alive. tried to delete and reinstall the app but it's the same. whether on an ftf run or just trying to look up cache info in the field, it just cannot be done anymore. constant
Warning The network is not available
Error The network is not available
messages...i have to use the groundspeak app under those circumstances. and i've noticed because of that, i've been using up so much more data compared to geooh live. i got spoiled that geooh live is good for living on a shoestring data plan. the groundspeak app must be doing piles of things i don't want it too.
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Last post by Geooh Support -
Groundspeak extended the cutover to the new API until June 1 so everything has been pushed out a month. So now the new app will be available early May instead which gives me more time for bug fixes and tweaks.

I changed the notice to June 1, but maybe that's not working. I'll create a new notification. Thanks.
Support / Re: new paid app
Last post by Geooh Support -
Yeah, maybe best to reinstall. I'm really not sure how/why Google does some of that. Version 9.1.4 should automatically download if you allowed it in Android settings.

Yeah... new name that is similar but slightly different. I plan to announce that soon... still need to reserve domain names.
Support / Re: new paid app
Last post by ecanderson -
Speaking of updates
1) How is that done?  Google Play knows I am still at 9.1.1, but doesn't offer to update to 9.1.4.  I assume best approach is to delete and reinstall?
2) Looking forward to the new version soon.  Have you picked a name for it yet so we can watch for it?
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Last post by Ragfoot -
The Geooh Live Notice posted in March stated "Geooh Live will stop working May 1" and "The new version of Geooh will become available in April so you can download it as a replacement."
May 1st is only a few days away and I have not seen any further info on a new version being released. What's up?
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Last post by Geooh Support -
Yeah, depends on personal use and how someone caches. Large lists for GSAK would be the norm in my mind because that software is designed to manipulate large lists of data for export. For a geocaching app out in the field a large list seems odd and confusing as to the use case. Geooh is designed to help you find caches using rich displays, sorts, filtering, FTF/DNF/LNY badges that require more preprocessing to display a list... so a big list can be done, but it will take time. The apps that show lists quickly are also not doing as much for the informational displays and realtime list manipulation.

Use the tool best suited to your caching style.