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I have recently downloaded Geooh and I'm having problems using it offline and using the wherigo function.

I am a premium member of and I have downloaded the mapforge maps for offline use. It seems to work when "live," the search function works and the caches appear on the map. When using the offline list I saved using the Geooh app I can only see the caches in list form and I would like to see them all at the same time on the map. Is there a button somewhere I haven't discovered to move from list to map view?

With the wherigo, I seem able to download it in geooh - I get asked if I want to download it and then see the download bar loading up to 100%, but then when in wherigeooh it says there is no cartridge downloaded. The cartridge is however on my phone in the directory I linked to, and in the ordinary wherigo app the same cartridge will download and play. Is this a directory problem? If so is there an idiots guide how to sort it please.