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Support / coordinates obscured on detail screen
i'm attaching a screenshot of what i'm referring to...perhaps the round menu button could be moved up and to the right beside the size...or better yet, the difficulty/terrain/size/coords could be left justified and the button into the free space created on the right.
Requests / text size
just starting out using this...wanted an app that simply displayed cache information straight from a notification email simply...this does...what i really like is the coords presented well on the main cache only suggestion would be to make that text black and a little larger...i usually transcribe that info straight into a garmin gps...i'm farsighted and the text seems to be getting smaller and smaller on devices despite their screens getting bigger and far, your app does present the information in a reasonable text size and i can use it...don't make it any smaller, but if you could make it even a tad larger, that would be welcome!...

i'd also prefer an option to suppress the cache owner avatar on that screen (the name and stats should remain)...takes up too much room...hardly important...

i really like your approach with this app...looking forward to playing with it some more.