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Support / Getting location...
first off, i don't have enough info to say this is repeatable but this is what happened.

out in the country. cell signal looked ok but who knows about data. i wanted to call up a specific cache for more information (more logs). i went to search and entered in the gc code (my search is the minimal search screen). i clicked search and it just sat there with a box that said Getting location...
after a while it stopped and i was back at the main menu.
tried same search again, same result.
went back to looking for the cache. started raining, headed to the car, tried again this time using the @Live . it wasn't really close to where i was but a short scroll of the map and a refresh and the cache was there and i brought it up.

now i'm home and i can bring up that cache using the search no problem but the data is good around here.

perhaps there was some trouble with the phone and the location services, but i wondered why the search even needed to determine my location when i was just calling up specific cache info.

anyways, just wanted to put it out there. maybe there's a problem, maybe it was just circumstances.

Requests / Re: ignore the ignore list
Oh its not a problem. I think your implementation of the idea is spot on. Its not necessary in the live for the limited number of times it will get used.

Very pleased with your solution as it stands.
Requests / Re: ignore the ignore list
can't seem to get it to work in the @Live view.

but it works in the search. and you can search from the current location and then press the map button for a visual representation just like the live view so that's really all i needed it for. something occasional.

yes, that works for me!

it most certainly works for me!

99% of the time, i just enter the gc code in the search to look up current data.


thank you!
Requests / ignore the ignore list
This may sound odd.  We have a very substantial ignore list, especially in our home turf.  Don't ask.  The old app from groundspeak had a setting which allowed you to include the caches on your ignore list in the various searches or suppress them.  So why would you ever want to see them?  There are times where we consider placing a cache but there's no good way to check if another cacher has a nearby cache we're ignoring (until the reviewer tells us).  In those cases, we would use the app and turn off the ignore the ignore caches setting and presto we could see.  We always found it odd we could do that so easily in the app but not on the website.  Well, as with some other good things, the new groundspeak app doesn't have that setting anymore either.  So, is it a possibility to add a switch in the settings somewhere called Show Ignored Caches Y/N . Obviously it would be N 99% of the time, but every once in awhile, it would be handy to see what you're ignoring in the Live view.
we've seen this happen twice now...the sequence of events is roughly
1) email notification of new cache
2) click on the email notification and the cache details are brought up. everything is as it should be
3) it's an ftf run so we head off. as we go, we turn on the phone in the car to read the coords and that part of the screen is blank (see attached image)
4) we end up finding the coords by going in the summary screen
5) then, after we find it and make a log all of a sudden that info is back (see other attached image)
6) we *think* this has something to do with a loss of connectivity between when we are on wifi at home and then later when we turn the data on (data is usually off in the house and doesn't get turned on unless we are away and using the net) but that's just a theory at this point

Requests / Ignoring a cache
Is adding a cache to one's ignore list through this app possible?
Requests / swiping to delete from list
ever thought of being able to delete a cache from a list with a swipe right to left gesture? ( maintaining the are you sure double check of course)

just a thought.
I appreciate the streamline philosophy you have going here. on one hand I'd remove the GC code, rename the current search to query and add either another button labelled lookup or magnifying glass icon in the menu which just asked for the GC code. BUT your current setup saves screen stuff and its not really confusing or anything so why change it.

so I guess I'm back where I started .  except now I'm thinking it would be just as good if you put the gccode right at the bottom since it kind of overrides the query behaviour, it makes sense to isolate it a little at the bottom rather than the middle. people who use the search as a query  wouldn't likely notice (in my opinion)
hmm. when I look at the criteria now, everything there minus the GC code is what I would want when generating a pocket query. I've never had cause to do that out in the field but I like that its there. maybe the GC code is the only thing that really doesn't belong.  with all that criteria,  its a pocket query. with just the GC code, its a lookup. call up one or call up many. makes me wonder what would happen if I entered a GC code for something outside the search distance parameter.

I know that wasn't very helpful.
I agree. another notion I had in regards to this was maybe a setting which toggled between advanced search (the way it is now) and basic (just the gccode). just putting it out there.
This may be very specific to the way I cache, but I thought I'd bring this up.

I have my in-the-field cache database on an iPod. I load it up with data from my computer and that's what I use for info. I also use a GPS loaded with the same info (coords). So now I'm out there and have a problem with a cache and the last 5 logs are useless so I use my phone to call up the current data and view some more logs. I go to search and invariably I can't find the GC code field right away because its kinda in the middle of other things. I wish it were right on top. Sound nit-picky and no one else would want that? Maybe. I could certainly accept that. But in case its no skin off anyone's nose, I'd love it to be on top.
Support / Re: @install list disappeared
Always wondered why they had an @ sign
Support / Re: @install list disappeared
Deleted the @install list...didn't know (or felt like) I could do that...put those caches back in by clicking on their notifications...deleted one and this time the install list stayed...I'll keep an eye on it

FYI my phone is a BLU studio C android 5.0

When you mention loading into a different list, is that in this version or the upcoming one?
Support / Re: @install list disappeared
ok...i have something which is repeatable...i'll try to be concise...first off this is version 7.8.17

i launch the app...the @install list is there...i click on it and there are 2 caches in is unfound and one is found (don't think that it's a mix is relevant but i thought i'd be clear)...i delete the unfound one, then go back...the @install list is still there...i click on it and the unfound cache is there...i back out and the @install list is still i leave the app using the home button and am at the launcher

i launch the app...the @install list is there...i leave the app again this time using the android back button.

i launch the app...the @install list is missing

i go to my email, find a cache notification and click on it...the cache comes up (initially i see the @install list is not there and then it pops up, moves to the next screen which shows the two caches, and then to the cache detail screen)...i back out and both caches are listed...back out once more and the @install list is there...back out using the android back...relaunch the app and the @install list is there and i can repeat the process from the start with the same results...

so, something about using the android back button out of the app when there is only 1 item in the @install list drops the @install list from view when relaunching the app.

hope that was clear.