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Support / unnecessary confirm box
version 8.8, android 5.0

since last update, when you click on the cache link in an email notification to view it in geooh a dialog box comes up saying
Download GC12345 ?
No Yes

that needs to go away or at least a setting which turns it on or off. it's an unnecessary step. I know that may have been useful during the Hawaii missile scare but im just downloading cache data here and sometimes trying to do it quickly and look away from my phone assuming it's doing what I want it to and not just sitting waiting for me to answer a question I will never answer no to
Support / Re: geocache not found (or something like that)
ok, oddly enough it just happened again.

cache notification email came, i clicked on the link, it fired up geooh and it said
warning geocache not found

i changed settings so that the default app was no longer geooh , then clicked on the email and selected the geocaching app and it said oops something went wrong. went back and clicked the email and selected geooh again, still geocache not found. went back and tried with geocaching app and still didn't work. i then tried just loading it in opera - that worked. then went back and repeated using the apps for about 2 minutes and then suddenly it loaded in geooh as if nothing went wrong the first few times. at that point it also loaded in the geocaching app.

so, this smells like a groundspeak issue. maybe they're api stuff runs off a different database from the main one and they have syncing issues from time to time. dunno. don't think it's a geooh problem though.
Support / Re: geocache not found (or something like that)
if it happens again, i'll check if it loads in the geocaching app.

in retrospect, i should have done that.  could be groundspeak i suppose.
Support / geocache not found (or something like that)
so this has happened a couple of times.

the notification comes out, i click on the link, geooh live fires up, and then it says something like "geocache not found".

go back to email, click again, same result

this last time i waited about 3 or 4 minutes and then suddenly it worked.

the time before, i kid you not, it took over 25 minutes before clicking the link brought up the cache.

during all my use of geooh live, this has only happened maybe 5 times and only on caches that were just released. any clue what that is? (android, lollipop, app up to date)
Support / app seems to hang
this only seems to happen when i'm using the app with my cell data.  for instance, if i call up a cache page and leave it on the screen and then turn the phone off, when i turn the phone back on, that page is still there but all the buttons and actions seem unresponsive for about 4-7 seconds. then everything seems ok.  in fact, after turning the phone on in such a situation, i will routinely count to ten before trying anything. doesn't seem to happen with wifi, so i'm willing to concede it might be my phone (quad core android 5 with very few apps on it) or my crappy canadian data plan. regardless, i thought i'd mention it here. it's certainly not a deal breaker and i can live with the count-to-10 routine.
Support / setting @install as default
after using geooh for some time now, i've come to the realization that i can't get used to the extra dialog box asking which list to install a cache into. in other words, when a cache notification comes in and i click on it in my email, i invariably look away to do something else in that instant (get my shoes, get the car keys, grab some water, you know). then i pick up the phone expecting to see the cache but instead there's that dialog box asking me which list to install into....arrrrrrgh. while i like the notion of this, in reality i always just click the @install .  i wish there was a way to select @install as the default thus obviating the need for this dialog box.
Support / radius
just tried Show Geocache Radius in the settings for the first time. nothing seems to happen on the live view or the map brought up from the cache detail page. same result when i use the standard google map or an offline map


Support / Re: contacts
after granting permission and reading up on the new features, it became apparent this had to do with the friends feature.  it feels a little beyond what i want out of geooh live but i can see how other people might crave stuff like that. i'm using android version 5.0 so i don't think selective permissions are an option for me. it's sort of accept all permissions or don't install the software - kind of a silly model but at least they've changed it in current android versions. unfortunately, this phone can't be upgraded beyond it's current android version. thanks for following up!
Support / contacts
not sure why geooh needs access to my contacts now.

feels odd.
Support / Re: pocket query ordering
that certainly would work for me. even without the sort, having the date time would make it absolutely clear what the latest one was.

fyi years ago (i don't know if it's still the case), new PQ's on would run almost immediately whereas checking the day of the week on an existing PQ could leave it in the queue for hours. for this reason, i got into the habit of having a "source" PQ, copying it, checking today's date and it ran very quickly. then after i downloaded it and used it, i would delete it off . oddly, right now shows Pocket Queries Ready for Download (4) yet your app (and the official app) show all these others i deleted. strange.

fyi2 another reason for creating a new copy for each PQ was that you would get a new "number" as the filename of the download (ie when i import those into my own database stuff, it made for a useful tool to find caches that were imported previously from another file number yet missing in the latest one (hence archived). but i digress.
Support / Re: pocket query ordering
ok. did some experimenting. here is my Select An Pockey Query list. i've marked which one's i generated today and yesterday. looks like they are not in any particular order.

Support / Re: pocket query ordering
not lists. where it says Select Download Source, the options are
Bookmark List
Pocket Query
GPX File

i choose the Pocket Query option. the next screen says Select an Pockey Query and there are duplicates there. it's not a bug or anything. if you go to the pocket query screen on the site, take one and copy it. the new query is called Copy of whatever. if you select the copy the same pocket query again, it will create another query with the same name Copy of whatever.
Support / pocket query ordering
due to the particular oddities of how i personally do things, when i go to

main screen > download > pocket query

i have several pocket query results with the same name...under a condition like that, is the most recent one on top or on the bottom of the list?...or is the list not ordered by date at all?
Support / Re: Android location mode
ya. i think you're right.

i'm curious about something.  do you think one would get a "quicker" fix on one's position (albeit far less accurate) if only cell tower info was used instead of switching on the gps? or put another way, if the gps is not on and you turn it on does android produce a quick fix from the cell towers immediately and then improve it as the gps tunes in to the satellites or does it wait to deliver a location fix once the gps has got working connections to the satellites?
Support / Android location mode
in android you can set high accuracy (use GPS, WiFi, and cellular to determine location) and battery saving (WiFi and cellular only to determine location)...usually I have battery saving on...geeoh switches the gps on which is understandable...what's your thoughts on letting geeoh work with just the battery saving setting?