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Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
Will see if I can implement something like this. Thanks for the idea and example.
Support / Re: bug in stats behind smiley
Interesting. I'm sure it's related to timezone and how the request and response to HQ servers is sent. Will look into it.

Thanks for reporting this!
Requests / Re: True Alpha vs. Age Sort Order
If desired, there could be another displayable/sortable "column" for place date. Maybe a Settings option?
Support / Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
Yeah, without the routing enabled it is just informational... no way you could have known. When enabled there will be a Tip that reveals there is a button there for routing.
Support / Re: Traveling Salesman Routing
The distance button is always on the map. When you select a cache it displays the distance to it from your location.
Support / Re: Traveling Salesman Routing

There should have been a popup dialog at some point when you started Geooh about the removal of some features due to Google price increases last summer. One of the removals was routing until I could figure out to handle the costs.

The next major version of Geooh will bring back routing (but requires a minor subscription to pay for it). When back you can press the distance button at the top of the map to display a route... or long-press to all selecting multiple caches for an optimized route.

Sorry for the confusion as it's taking longer to get the big upgrade complete and through beta testing. Route displays are coming back though!

Let me know of additional questions.
Support / Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
OK, good. Be sure to download to the directory defined in WheriGeooh settings and then use WheriGeooh to open the cartridge.
Support / Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
Hi... thanks for using Geooh.

I need a bit more information to fully understand the issue. Are you saying you can download the gwc cartridge to a directory on your device? Where is it downloading to? The directory specified in WhereYourGo app or the one in WheriGeooh? Or are you saying WhereYouGo automatically opens up when trying to download?

You may have allow WhereYouGo to be the default app fo links and you'd have to go into Android settings to remove that.

Did you know you can also just use Geooh to view the GC# cache page for the cartridge and download from there without going to Owners typically put links in the cache description for downloading and you just tap it for Geooh to do the download and then it can run WheriGeooh once downloaded.

OK, the app is enabled for France. It may take a couple of hours before it's available though.

Tell your friends to try it now... and possibly give a good rating if they like it... and to know a future version will have better language translations. And thanks for the offer to translate. I'm in the process of building out the next generation of Geooh and plan to have improved language translations in that one. When ready I can send you the language file to see if you can improve upon it.

I'm not sure why Google Play says the app is not compatible even though it's a country thing. That's the only thing I set differently. Your phone and Android version are perfect for Geooh.

Let me know of any other issues!
Yes, this is from Google Play. Basically, Geooh was removed from distribution in several European countries due to 1-star ratings because the language translations weren't good enough for some users. Geooh uses Google Translate which isn't perfect, but cost-effective for a free app. There are plans to eventually obtain better translations from some users who have offered to assist.

Regardless, you still should be able to go to website and click the install button at the very bottom of the page to take you directly to the download section of Google Play. If that doesn't work, let me know what country you are in and I can temporarily enable your country's access... as long as Google Translate is sufficient for your needs.

Thanks for reaching out and providing the screenshot for clarification.
Can you send a screenshot? That isn't a message from Geooh, but appears to be from Android or Google Play?
Hmmm, interesting... the info window bubble is controlled by Android when clicking a map marker and Geooh has no control of that so now really sure what was happening. Anyway good to know it's back to normal. You have a Merry Christmas also!
Still a little confused... maybe we are talking about two different things.

The Quick Action is done via fingerprint sensor. I think you are talking about the Map Info Window Action in the Misc section of Settings. When I choose Show More as the option it does that when I click on a cache's info window after selecting it on the map. The info window is the dark bubble that show above the icon. When you press it the action is performed... and in my testing it does do the Show More as expected.

What do you mean by "only the two bars are showing"? What bars?

I'm not fully understanding. Do you mean the black info window on the map when selecting a cache doesn't show at all... for all caches?

Or do you mean a Quick Action?

Any additional information or screenshots would help me understand better.
Support / Re: Google Pixel 3XL
Thank you for informing me of the issue. Have a Merry Christmas!