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Support / Re: Not available in your country
Try it now... updated Google Play for Bulgaria.
Support / Re: Not available in your country
Ok, I've heard some say it was possible. Give me a day to open it back up for Bulgaria. And I may take you up on the translation offer. Thanks!
Support / Re: Not available in your country
Yes, the search for the app was disabled for most non-english speaking countries due to numerous 1-star ratings because they felt the Google language translations were not good enough and also for the Premium membership requirement from c-geo users. Your may still be able to download from the link at the bottom of the website. Let me know if that doesn't work and I can reenable your country on Google Play so you can access it.

Sorry for the inconveniences, but it was about the only way to handle the issue until better translations can be obtained.
Support / Re: new paid app
Let me see about dropping down to 5.0 minimum to see if any issues. You've been a big help so I'd like to keep you with Geooh.
Support / Re: new paid app
How about Android 5.1?
Support / Re: Bing OS Maps
What didn't work?

The URL entered into settings should have {z}{x}{y} somewhere in it or Geooh won't know where to inject zoom and lat/lon to get each tile. I vaguely recall another Geooh user accessing OS maps successfully.

What is {Q}?
Support / Re: Bing OS Maps
Hi John,

Yes, it should be possible. The Alternative Maps add-on (from Settings in Geooh) allows you to enter any 3rd party map tile server. It appears the UK OS maps service has this option. Go to their website here for more instructions.

Basically you enter a URL into settings for the tile server which includes your key. See the attached screenshot. I don't have a key or any needed OS credentials to test it so you may have to experiment with it some.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi. I suspect there is a limit on the number that can be added per request to Groundspeak. Their documentation doesn't indicate a limit, but if only 1000 is saved each time you try, it'd be safe to assume that.

I'll see about ways to add in batches of 1000... may be available before your trip.
Support / Re: Not available in your country
It should be available for France now. Let me know if you have problems.
Support / Re: Not available in your country
Hmmm, others have indicated that worked going that route.

Regardless, I'll enable France again... I think there were only one or two complaints from there so it may be safe. Germany is where I get the bulk of negative comments.

I'll send a note when Google has reenabled France.
Support / Re: Not available in your country
Hi, thanks for the query.

Geooh was removed from searches for many European countries due to continual 1-star ratings from c:geo users in those countries complaining about the Premium membership requirement... and from several users complaining about the language translations (Geooh currently uses Google Translate for that). The bleeding had to stop so I could focus on more serious geocachers and not be impacting by the trolling.

You can still directly access the Geooh download by going to and at the bottom of the web page click on the "Available on the Google Play Store" link. This will take you to Google Play for Geooh downloads.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but until I can find a way to pay for the translations and to keep Basic membership users happy (not sure that will ever happen), the app may need to be hidden from groups that tend to down-rate regardless of the features Geooh provides.
Try going into Android settings to locate the app and then clear storage and cache for it to see if that corrects it.
Where are you seeing them? Do you see them in your Profile?
Support / Re: # of Trackables in my profile
Thanks for the information.

Actually with the new API there will be even less information provided. Maybe the old trackable type data was confusing so now the new API will only return trackables you own or have in possession. No more summary of discoveries by type.
Support / Re: bug in stats behind smiley
Did some investigation and yes, the start time was set to 1:00 am which would have excluded those 2 finds. This is being corrected. Again, thanks for reporting the issue!