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Support / Re: Overlays on offline maps
Thanks for the research and feedback. I'll continue to search for a better way myself. Hopefully, Google will refresh their map software to better support KML.
Support / Re: Overlays on offline maps
I'm not an expert on GeoJSON, but I would have thought it allowed different polylines to have different colors.

There is some indication Google is working on improving the maps utility library Geooh uses to render KML overlays so hopefully they'll support KML z-index levels in the update.
Support / Re: Overlays on offline maps
Thanks for reporting this!

It appears either Google's map software or Mapsforge is not honoring the KML z-index for map layers... I suspect it's most likely Google because a GeoJSON layer works fine with the Mapsforge map.

Is there any way you could convert the KML to GeoJSON? I could find no way to force the KML layer to render above the Mapsforge layer.
Support / Re: data network issues
I haven't gotten any reports
Support / Re: data network issues
Unlike the official app Geooh tries to insure there is a strong data connection so anything 3G or below is treated as network not available... but the official still uses it. Due to the data transfer with the API using the slower speeds caused issues with timeouts, so I thought it best to stick with the higher speeds.

The new version of Geooh to be released next month fixes issues of losing the GPS connection you've encountered, but the lower speed network connections will still be an issue.
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Groundspeak extended the cutover to the new API until June 1 so everything has been pushed out a month. So now the new app will be available early May instead which gives me more time for bug fixes and tweaks.

I changed the notice to June 1, but maybe that's not working. I'll create a new notification. Thanks.
Support / Re: new paid app
Yeah, maybe best to reinstall. I'm really not sure how/why Google does some of that. Version 9.1.4 should automatically download if you allowed it in Android settings.

Yeah... new name that is similar but slightly different. I plan to announce that soon... still need to reserve domain names.
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Yeah, depends on personal use and how someone caches. Large lists for GSAK would be the norm in my mind because that software is designed to manipulate large lists of data for export. For a geocaching app out in the field a large list seems odd and confusing as to the use case. Geooh is designed to help you find caches using rich displays, sorts, filtering, FTF/DNF/LNY badges that require more preprocessing to display a list... so a big list can be done, but it will take time. The apps that show lists quickly are also not doing as much for the informational displays and realtime list manipulation.

Use the tool best suited to your caching style.
Requests / Re: ignore list flag
Actually, the new API doesn't even have that option any more and will always exclude caches in the ignore list for every search. That "feature" (or removal) will be part of the new Geooh soon to be released.
Sorry, but Groundspeak's API requires text in the log before it will accept it.
Support / Re: data network issues
There is some quirk with Google Play Services that drops the connection at times. Although it is suppose to automatically reconnect, I've found it doesn't. I keep trying to tweak things to force a reconnect, but still now sure if that works. It appears to be a recent Android change since the same code was working before. I'll keep trying.
Support / Re: not your problem
Android usually puts something in the notification bar when an update is occurring.
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
I don't think you'll find much difference between the versions. Pocket queries will download very fast, but opening an offline list will about the same as now depending on the number of caches in the list. Geooh is doing more to maintain a richer interface so it takes time to prepare things when opening. Honestly, it's not designed for lists so large such as 4000.

I continue to look for ways to improve speed, but you may be disappointed when opening a large list. On the other hand, the new version brings more features and improvements that may offset load times.
Discussion / Re: app shutdown?
Support / Re: Not available in your country
Try it now... enabled for Lithuania.