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That's great, very clear instructions, many thanks for all your help. Next step, using it for a whole days caching rather than a short caching trip :)
Went out caching again with the updated version and it worked perfectly :) Very happy with now :)

Couple of questions -
Is it possible to delete a single cache from a downloaded PQ, if so how?
Is it possible to save caches for offline use from the map view in the app rather than downloading a PQ, if so how?

Many thanks.
OK, I'll try that. I downloaded the full cache info so it shouldn't have been trying to look for anything.
I was using an offline list of 69 caches, not sure what the signal was like, I'll check next time I'm out. Had about 10-12 caches max and 1-2 at the least showing on the map. I'd get a whirring circle then the pop up box when it wasn't responding. The non responding happened on the map and when looking at the description for e.g. and trying to navigate out of it.
Thanks for letting me know about the next version, I'll download and see what happens with that. Fingers crossed.
I have a Huawei 9 and version 7 of android.
Went out yesterday with a friend who uses a GPS, finding some trads. Geooh was very slow to catch up with where I was and we had found the caches using her GPS before it caught up and said I was for e.g. 10ft away. It also continued to be slow to respond to requests intermittently with the "Geooh is not responding what do you want to do" pop up box appearing.
Unfortunately this makes it unreliable to cache with which is such a shame as I like the format, :(
Is there any way of improving the response time?
Just an update having used Geooh this afternoon for a couple of caches. I really like the intergrated wherigo player, the fading compass and the ability to press on the distance section on the map and get the blue line navigating to the cache.

I did find it quite sluggish though, (offline use and wherigo). I would often have to wait for it to respond - would get a "Geooh is not responding what do you want to do" pop up box. I'd select wait and then a few seconds after that it would usually do what had been asked. Also, some of the buttons just didn't respond at all and I'd have to back track using my phone keys to close pages/boxes - e.g. after uploading my saved logs I clicked on finish, but nothing happened at all. I pressed it two or three times, waiting a good while in between, but had to use my phone keys to backtrack out of it. It also took ages to find the GPS in wherigeooh, and then sometimes updated position quickly, other times to took ages for both wherigeooh and caches.

Overall I really like Geooh, but the sluggishness and non responsive buttons are frustrating,
Thanks that's helpful. I had actually pressed the brown button for the wherigeooh a few times yesterday but it didn't find any cartridges. However, to-day when I tried it they were there. Odd, still, it all seems ok now so many thanks. Now to try Geooh in the field  :)

I have recently downloaded Geooh and I'm having problems using it offline and using the wherigo function.

I am a premium member of and I have downloaded the mapforge maps for offline use. It seems to work when "live," the search function works and the caches appear on the map. When using the offline list I saved using the Geooh app I can only see the caches in list form and I would like to see them all at the same time on the map. Is there a button somewhere I haven't discovered to move from list to map view?

With the wherigo, I seem able to download it in geooh - I get asked if I want to download it and then see the download bar loading up to 100%, but then when in wherigeooh it says there is no cartridge downloaded. The cartridge is however on my phone in the directory I linked to, and in the ordinary wherigo app the same cartridge will download and play. Is this a directory problem? If so is there an idiots guide how to sort it please.