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Support / Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
OK .. I think I got it working for me.    Finally got the the cartridge to save to right file location
Support / Re: WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
It looks like it downloads to the directory specified in WhereYourGo. 

I have tried to download it from Geooh and it opens in WhereYouGo.
Support / WhereiGeooh ~ No cartridge loaded
I have been trying to download a cartridge.  I have signed in with the Wherigo login.
I have gone to the Wherigo page to download the cartridge.
I also have the WhereYouGo app. And every time I download a cartridge it automatically downloads to the WhereYouGo app.

How can I change it so it will download to Geooh?