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Requests / geocache_visits.txt Export
GPSrs have a file called geocache_visits.txt that you can import to GSAK for logging caches.

It is just a csv file with four columns:


Would it be possible to export the caches have had their status marked from a list to this file?

Bonus points if the time in the datetimestamp could be set for the time that the status was first set.
Requests / Custom Proximity Circles
Would it be possible to add a custom proximity circle to waypoints and then solve for the confluence for solving reverse whereigos?
Requests / Auto Visit Trackables
If we had a way to mark certain trackables in our inventory as always visit with a template for log text and have those applied if we did not choose a custom set from the geocache log screen that would be very cool.
Support / Posting Notes on Trackables
Posting a note on a trackable does not require the Tracking code.

When the note type is selected for a trackable log for a tracker in the cache inventory, Geooh should not require the tracking number
I have accidentally juiced a cache to a list a second time on a couple of occasions.

This causes the list to go into some sort of loop trying to open itself over and over. It is impossible to get into the list at this point and yo can only delete the list and start fresh.

Right now I have one with twenty caches with set statuses. It's there any way you can set it to just drop duplicates and keep the list?

Also, maybe checking the gc code and rejecting duplicates when moving the cache would help.
Support / Cannot set status
Since last nights update any attempt to set status results in the app closing.
Support / GPX files don't work
We are experiencing frequent issues with GPX files either not importing, or, once imported, not being able to open the list.

I have attached three such files, though we have more that have these issues.
Support / Date and Time Placeholders
I think the date placeholder, at the least, should use the date entered for the log, rather than the system date. It would be great if it also used the time from the log and if there were a way to override that time.

I may not publish some logs for a couple of days, so the placeholders will end up being incorrect.
Support / Edit logs in Queued Tasks list
I wrote a partial found it log a couple of days ago and I thought I had selected save for later. Now I can't find where I would access saved for later logs, and it seems to be in the Queued tasks list, so I must have hit finish. Is there any way to retrieve and edit it before sending?
Support / Placeholders
Is there a list somewhere of what placeholders are available and what their output is?
Requests / Multicache solver
Have you seen the multicache solver plugin for Locus Maps?

It has a spot for the formula ( N 36 AA.BCD W 89 DE.FGH ) and then it has a variables table to fill in as you solve the different parts. Then you push done and it plugs the variables into the formulas and generates a waypoint.
Requests / Multi-Select
It would be awesome to be able to select multiple caches and then take an action ( moving to another list, deleting, marking status, etc ) in one go. In particular deleting caches can be an arduous process one at a time.
Discussion / The Whereigo Module
Is so much better than the other option we've had to deal with for years, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for that.
Requests / Export List
My wife and I log our caches with GSAK from the computer when we get home.

Currently, we can do this with c:geo by moving caches we find to a found list and exporting it to a GPX file to import into GSAK when we get home.

If we could export our found list with Geooh, that would be awesome!