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Requests / Auto Zoom in Livemap
Hi everyone!

One wish of mine is autozoom in livemap view.

I mean, that when I drive with my car and Geooh is in livemap view, that the map will automatically zoom out and in, depending on the speed I drive.

When I drive faster, map will zoom out to an overview and when I nearly stay it zoom in.

Zoom will depend on the driving speed.

Maybe this could be a nice option in a future version of Geooh live.

Hope you understand what I mean. Zooming like a navigation app.

Requests / Database Refresh
Please make it possible to refresh offline databases.

It should be good, when I go out, that I can quickly, refresh my offline database, that was stored in the app. So I have always an actuell database and I can store it longer on my device without sorrow that database is old and caches don't exist anymore.

Here is an example from another geocaching app. Maybe you can put this feature in Geooh Live. This would be great. I miss this feature really.

So we don't have caches in database anymore that are offline or out to date. And Groundspeak API will support this.

Please think about it.

Hello Geeoh Team!

Today you released version 8 of Geooh Live App. I soon activated the offline maps addon to use mapsforge maps within the app.

First of all it works fine with Mapsforge Maps with "Freizeitkarten" theme in the live mode. Map started fast and gut. Everything seems to work fine.

But when I would use an installed database of homezone with about 1000 geocaches in it, some problems appears.

First the switch from offline database to mapview takes about 15 to 20 seconds or more. A think it is a little bit to long. I knew this from other geocaching apps and there is no wait at all.

But the main problem is the map itself. In this case, when I change from database view to mapview there is (online) google maps and not the (offline) mapsforge maps.

Why? When I will use an offline database, I will also use the map offline. And here I wanna use mapsforge maps, that is already stored on my smartphone (sd card) and not the online google maps.

Remember, with live map, everything works well with mapsforge maps.

Maybe there is a failure ...

My smartphone is a samsung galaxy s5 neo with android 6.0.1.
The database and the mapsforge maps are both stored on sd card.

I use the themed mapforge maps from here:

Maybe you can help me. You can see attached screenshots.

Greetings Lemmi1de.

Requests / A view wishes for future versions
Hi developers!

Here are some things for future releases:

Import of downloaded pocketqueries in zip format.
I mean that I can download the pocketqueries from to my SD card and than import it as it is with caches and waypoints out of the zip file.

Please make it possible to store all offline data to SD card. Let us put the cache databases to SD card.

In map view the driving direction don't goes up. In my case it always looks to northeast. Maybe use the internal compass and GPS better for correct driving sight.
Hope you understand what I mean.

When I use a database with stored caches and will change the sight to mapview. It takes very long the change from list view to map view.
Maybe this could work a little bit faster.

Maybe make it possible, when I am in mapview with a stored offline database that I can activate live data without change the sight.
Maybe clicking a button to activate live view.

Offline maps, based on Mapsforge Maps, stored on SD card, maybe themed.
But I think this will come in version 8

Than this app could be one of the best on market.

Maybe think about it.

Greetings from Germany.
Requests / Offline maps to SD card

Please make it possible that Geooh Live can put the offline maps to SD card. Right now it will stored in the internal memory and mostly it is very rar.

Maybe you can make it possible, that we can download vector based maps like mapsforge maps and store it on SD card to use it within the app. These maps are based on open street map project and are very good. Maybe to used themed maps or so like openandromaps.

But the most thing I wish is to put all data including the downloadable maps onto SD card (external memory).

Think about it.

Greetings Lemmi1de from germany.