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Requests / Re: Auto Zoom in Livemap
Nice! Will try it on my next trip.

But my idea is better for random driving and caching.

Thank you for adding this to list.
Requests / Auto Zoom in Livemap
Hi everyone!

One wish of mine is autozoom in livemap view.

I mean, that when I drive with my car and Geooh is in livemap view, that the map will automatically zoom out and in, depending on the speed I drive.

When I drive faster, map will zoom out to an overview and when I nearly stay it zoom in.

Zoom will depend on the driving speed.

Maybe this could be a nice option in a future version of Geooh live.

Hope you understand what I mean. Zooming like a navigation app.

Requests / Re: Database Refresh
If you look at my screenshoot, everything should be clear.

It should refresh the offline database.

The small one refreshes the availablity of the caches. This means the status. Available, not available, archived and so on. Just this.

The big one refreshes everything. The details of the cache, not only availablity.

So if you go out caching and just wanna now the status, use the fast small one. If you want to bring database up to date, use the second.

I use this very often in the other apps.

In next screenshot you see it in another geocaching app. This app won't developed anymore. But to see, what I mean.

GCVote is a 5 star vote system herein Germany for caches. Just by the way 😉
Requests / Re: Database Refresh
Refresh only for the database.

Please make both different refreshes possible.
One for availability (fast and quick) and full.
Requests / Database Refresh
Please make it possible to refresh offline databases.

It should be good, when I go out, that I can quickly, refresh my offline database, that was stored in the app. So I have always an actuell database and I can store it longer on my device without sorrow that database is old and caches don't exist anymore.

Here is an example from another geocaching app. Maybe you can put this feature in Geooh Live. This would be great. I miss this feature really.

So we don't have caches in database anymore that are offline or out to date. And Groundspeak API will support this.

Please think about it.

You say you use newer maps technologie.

Where can I download the newer Mapsforge Maps? Maybe the themed ones?

Do you have an address for me?

Right now I used themed maps in version 4 and I thought they are the newest technology.

The link to this called "Freizeitkarte" is some postings above.

If you have another link for better maps please post it.

By the way, I don't use official Geocaching App outdoor, cause of the bad and slowly map support.

Right know I had also deinstalled Geooh cause of the problems I described. But I will give it a second chance and will try it again.
Hi Geooh Team!

Other geocaching apps like for example cachebox or gcdroid uses also the newest technology from android and mapsforge maps. So this could not be the reason for the problems. Not only Geooh uses this.

I try to turn off clustering and started smartphone new. Then will switch from offline database list to mapview. What happens? Nothing, Geooh crashed and freezes. Must close it manually.

Decreasing database is no intension. Cause on homezone I normale have a database for over than 3000 geocaches. In the apps I use normally, there is no problem with this big database. It works fast and without a problem.
I use such big databases for years now, cause I need them on vacation or so. Dont wanna switch after a view kilometers to another database and again and again.

In vacancy I make one database from for example the complete northseacoast from B├╝sum to the danish border, thats about 100 km and 2000 to 3000 caches and it works with other apps and not in geooh.

I show some friends of mine geooh and first the liked it. But the deinstalled it couse of the speed of the app. It is actually to slow even on high end devices. And mine was a high end, two years ago too.

Smaller database could not be the thing to me that helps me out. An switching to intern memory is not good at all, cause I need the small internal memory for other things. This is way I will use external.

So I have still the problem with not showing mapsforge maps with offline database. It switched to google maps or it freezes and crashes. Not good at all to me.

Right now I am thinking of deinstalling geooh, cause that makes fun of geocaching gone outside. I must have an geocaching app that works fast and without problems. Cause I wanna go geocaching, not wait or working on problems out in the wood ...

Right now I am a little bit frustrated of this problemes, that beta tester should have seen before release.

By the way I am also beta tester of three other geocaching apps. CacheBox, CacheSense, GCDroid and all of them have not this frustrating problem I wrote.

Dont know what I will do now. But when it won't be better, I will drop Geooh Live and will use my other geocaching apps again ...

Frustrated greatings from germany ...

By the way I send you again a crashlog from the freezing when changing from offline database to mapview. There my email is

After this crash it loads google maps without any geocache.

I cannot use offline database right now with offline maps ...

Not good at all and still more frustrated.
Hello Geeoh Team!

Today you released version 8 of Geooh Live App. I soon activated the offline maps addon to use mapsforge maps within the app.

First of all it works fine with Mapsforge Maps with "Freizeitkarten" theme in the live mode. Map started fast and gut. Everything seems to work fine.

But when I would use an installed database of homezone with about 1000 geocaches in it, some problems appears.

First the switch from offline database to mapview takes about 15 to 20 seconds or more. A think it is a little bit to long. I knew this from other geocaching apps and there is no wait at all.

But the main problem is the map itself. In this case, when I change from database view to mapview there is (online) google maps and not the (offline) mapsforge maps.

Why? When I will use an offline database, I will also use the map offline. And here I wanna use mapsforge maps, that is already stored on my smartphone (sd card) and not the online google maps.

Remember, with live map, everything works well with mapsforge maps.

Maybe there is a failure ...

My smartphone is a samsung galaxy s5 neo with android 6.0.1.
The database and the mapsforge maps are both stored on sd card.

I use the themed mapforge maps from here:

Maybe you can help me. You can see attached screenshots.

Greetings Lemmi1de.

Requests / Re: A view wishes for future versions
Seems that I have to register to beta to test it 😉

When will be release of this?
Requests / Re: A view wishes for future versions
After the new update I use the new settings and it works very well.

Test outdoor passed and it was good 😉

Best thanks!
Requests / Re: A view wishes for future versions
This is exactly what I mean and what is the problem to be fixed within Geooh.
Requests / Re: A view wishes for future versions
To 3:

I don't mean Google Maps. I mean livemap view in the app. Google Map Navigation works well.

I also use other Geocaching Apps like CacheBox, CacheSense or GCDroid for example. There it works well without problems.

Similar problems appeared in Locus App. There I have to change GPS, changing automatically from magnetic compass to I think GPS based. Than it worked.

Right now, when I drive with Geooh in livemap view the top of the map isn't showing the driving route up, when activated.

Here I can't use an option that helps.
Support / Re: Switching to map slow
Not at all.

In other Geocaching Apps Ich can handle databases with over 6000 caches and more without slower speed at all.

Support / Re: Switching to map slow
Same problem here with Samsung  S5 Neo and database with about 1000 Caches.

Requests / A view wishes for future versions
Hi developers!

Here are some things for future releases:

Import of downloaded pocketqueries in zip format.
I mean that I can download the pocketqueries from to my SD card and than import it as it is with caches and waypoints out of the zip file.

Please make it possible to store all offline data to SD card. Let us put the cache databases to SD card.

In map view the driving direction don't goes up. In my case it always looks to northeast. Maybe use the internal compass and GPS better for correct driving sight.
Hope you understand what I mean.

When I use a database with stored caches and will change the sight to mapview. It takes very long the change from list view to map view.
Maybe this could work a little bit faster.

Maybe make it possible, when I am in mapview with a stored offline database that I can activate live data without change the sight.
Maybe clicking a button to activate live view.

Offline maps, based on Mapsforge Maps, stored on SD card, maybe themed.
But I think this will come in version 8

Than this app could be one of the best on market.

Maybe think about it.

Greetings from Germany.