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Support / Re: data network issues
but 9.1.4 worked before the last google play services update...and it worked well...on 3G...and even on edge which happens from time to time in southern ontario...never had those errors until that last google play services update...and there's not been a problem with GPS, just the data network connectivity

am i the only one having a problem with this lately?
Support / Re: data network issues
just keeping this alive. tried to delete and reinstall the app but it's the same. whether on an ftf run or just trying to look up cache info in the field, it just cannot be done anymore. constant
Warning The network is not available
Error The network is not available
messages...i have to use the groundspeak app under those circumstances. and i've noticed because of that, i've been using up so much more data compared to geooh live. i got spoiled that geooh live is good for living on a shoestring data plan. the groundspeak app must be doing piles of things i don't want it too.
Requests / Re: ignore list flag
aw nuts. GS touts the ignore list but it really screws up some stuff from time to time. it was nice to turn it off and on. sigh
Requests / ignore list flag
you need to copy this parameter from the search screen into the settings section for the live screen.

that is all.


Support / data network issues
geooh live v9.1.4
android 5.0
dual sim, data on one, phone and text on the other
configuration worked no problem in past

i noticed some problems lately which may or may not have coincided with the latest google play services update.

first off, everything works properly on wifi.

however, on data geooh unexpectedly stops working. if i refresh logs in the Logs screen, it will say
Warning The network is not available
and if i attempt to refresh the cache listing it will say
Error The network is not available
in the live view i'll get the same thing if i select a cache

once it enters that state, it doesn't recover.

i thought it was my network but switching immediately to my email app shows it's working and the geocaching app continues to work (oh god that thing is badly designed). switching back to geooh and the same problem continues

i have noticed that quitting geooh live and then restarting it makes it go again but soon after it enters that error state and no more network activity is possible.

i was about to delete and reinstall geooh live but i thought i'd hold off in case there's something else you want me to try first.

Support / not your problem
was trying something in geooh. live just wouldn't run. it would hang and no map would show. no matter what i tried. even reinstalled the previous version of geooh in case i'd not noticed a bug before. but same thing happened. starting to pull my hair out. then tried the gc app and no maps there either. what?. then i look at a cache in the gc app and instead of the preview map i see "Google Play services are updating".


this has happened before but forgot about it. on this phone, nothing updates by itself EXCEPT that (which i can't stop)

is there any way to tell when it's done?

vent ends.

ps, again, not your problem - thanks for listening

Support / Re: new paid app
much appreciated. it's so perfect the way it is for the way i use it - i keep forgetting to look for updates in case there are bugs i don't know about. i just now installed the 9.1.3

even if the initial app was good for 5.0 and then at some point in the future you HAD to go to 5.1, at least i'd still be able to use the initial one.

whatever happens, it's been a great app!
Support / Re: new paid app phone is a Blu Studio C and it definitely says

Android Version

in the about device...and Blu never upgrades...and this phone is fast and in great shape so if it goes to minimum 5.1, then i guess i'm outa luck

Support / new paid app
hopefully your new paid app will still support android 5.0

i will happily pay for it!
Support / Re: offline maps don't show
ok. looks like it wasn't your problem in the first place. after posting my note i messed about for some time trying things. for some reason i decided to check something in the groundspeak geocaching app. much to my dismay, this app always starts in a "live" type map mode but this time, there was a piece of text on the screen saying google play services was updating and typed over that was the groundspeak note saying something's wrong try again later.

so, google play services was being updated (something which is also completely out of my control grrrr). not knowing if i screwed anything up, i rebooted the phone, put it away and left it alone to check later.

well i just saw your response and checked my phone and everything is back to normal. my ".map" file is working. live is working. maps from each cache detail page work. and that groundspeak app is also working.

so, sorry to raise the alarm bells but all is well now and if these symptoms ever happen again, i'll know it's google updating stuff on my phone (without my approval or knowledge as usual)

Support / offline maps don't show
using Alternative Maps (Add-on)
Use Offline Maps is checked
there is a .map in that folder...the wherigo app uses it and i see maps there
the last version i was on would not show the map...i'd click on the coordinates in the cache detail page to get the map up and the activity indicated would just keep going across the screen...i saw there was an updated version of the app so i downloaded it...same thing...also clicking @Live does nothing and app jams for a while...then after repeated clicking the back button it says do you want to close the live map (which is not actually open)...clicking yes unjams the app

so, something's up with offline maps.
Support / network stalls gone
i know - not really a support request but i thought i'd mention that the last version i downloaded really got rid of some annoying network hangs. the most annoying one was when i had the cache page loaded and then the phone went to sleep (or i would click the power button to turn the screen off). then when i would turn it back on, and click on logs (for instance) it would hang there for around 5-10 seconds before doing anything. i'd just gotten used to waiting while the slow data network here got back in gear. that wait is gone now. thanks!
Support / Re: photos and how they are handled
ok. i guess i'm talking about log images. or anything that shows up as a thumbnail in the Images section of a cache.

if i click on one of those thumbnails and view the full image, once the full image is there, i thought it reasonable that it would stay "on the phone" and not be re-fetched each time i pressed a thumbnail. at least until the cache was deleted. as it stands now, i've just realized that i can achieve what i want by long pressing the full image and a Download Image button comes up and that then goes to the android photo gallery permanently.

but i submit this further thought. if i am out in the field and decide i want to see an image attached to a log and then wait for it load, i shouldn't have to wait for it to load again should i decide to go back and read something else and then revisit the image later. but then i could have just used the Download Image the first time. and then looked at it in the gallery. hmmm.

well, i think you get what i'm saying. as i said, the Download Image will do what i want right now.
Support / photos and how they are handled
here's the situation.  had a cache with a few spoiler pics.  because i like to save data wherever possible, i downloaded the cache info from WIFI at home before heading off. at ground zero, i wanted to reference those photos and while the thumbnails were all there under Images, when i touched on each, there was a long delay before the picture showed up, which given the lousy data signal here, tells me it was reloading.  plus, each time i went out and looked at another picture and then went back to the previous picture it would always reload across my slow data. is that what's happening? and if so how about they get cached with a refresh button instead?
Support / Re: unnecessary confirm box
oh thank goodness it's gone now...thanks very much!